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Siser Easyweed Adhesive

Siser Easyweed Adhesive

Check out Siser’s Easyweed Adhesive vinyl!

Have you ever wondered how people make those foil designs on T-shirts?  Wonder no more!

Simply create your design as normal and cut like you normally would for HTV – MIRROR and shiny side DOWN!


Weeding the cavities in EasyWeed Adhesive HTVWeed your design – place on a dark surface as weeding this vinyl is a little more tricky to see.

Place your design down on your garment after a quick press to flatten and remove any moisture – shiny side UP!





Heat applied EasyWeed Adhesive HTV

Press at the required 275°F/135°C, pressure medium for around 5 seconds and then hot peel the carrier sheet.





Next, lay down your screen print foil over your design – color side UP!

Place screen printing foil over EasyWeed Adhesive HTV

Cover with a teflon sheet and press for 10 seconds.

Wait for the foil to be cool enough to touch and then peel – voila, you have an awesome shiny foil design!

Peeling the screen print foil cold







For complete step by step instructions and more information on Siser Easyweed Adhesive check out the Siser North America website here

You can order Siser Easyweed Adhesive Vinyl here!

SISER EASYWEED ADHESIVE 12″ X 1 YARD Roll (11.8″ actual size)

EasyWeedTM Adhesive 12" Roll (11.8" actual size)
You are purchasing One yard Easyweed Adhesive

Price: $11.99

Buy Now


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Rose Gold Vinyl Everything!

Rose Gold Vinyl

Rose Gold VinylEveryone is looking out for Rose Gold vinyl!

Here are some of the best deals we have found for Rose Gold, check out our friends at HappyCrafters:

Rose Gold Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Rose Gold Foil Heat Transfer Vinyl

Sign up for their Newsletter and coupons to get additional weekly savings!

If you want to go large, Amazon offers rolls – Rose Gold Heat Transfer Vinyl by the roll – 3′ Roll, 20″ x 36″ Roll, (1yard)


Update: Swing Designs also now has a Siser HTV and Oracal pack for Rose Gold fans – see here!



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Bulk purchasing Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV – Siser Easyweed rolls

Siser Easyweed HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls

Siser Easyweed HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl RollsIf you are looking to reduce the cost per foot for Siser Easyweed consider buying in bulk – purchase rolls vs sheets.  For the small crafter this may seem daunting but, considering how you may save over time, rolls are definitely a more cost effective option!  Rolls also allow you to be more flexible in cutting for specific jobs and they store much better than sheets!

World Weidner – Machine Embroidery Supplies offer some great deals on Siser Easyweed bulk HTV rolls – you can get free delivery if you use Amazon Prime or as with any Amazon order, spend over $35 and get free two-day delivery (easily done no matter how much you save on HTV!)

World Weidner offers a selection of colors for you to purchase in 3ft, 5ft and 10ft rolls.  Pricing starts from around $29.99 for 10ft rolls!

Check our store for deals on Siser Easyweed

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Using a Heat Press on Onesies and items with raised stitching or surfaces

Use a teflon pillow on onesiesTroubleshooting HTV on Onesies.

If you have ever heat pressed bags, Onesies or other items that have a raised, stitched seam or recessed area you have probably found that your vinyl may not have bonded properly and lifted or not peeled properly after pressing.

The issue is that the heat press platen is not fully coming into contact with the vinyl and onesie.  To get a proper press you will need to raise the lower portion of the garment or bag to ensure you have proper heat and pressure against the press.

The solution to this problem is a teflon pillow.  Putting this under or in the item to be pressed helps raise the target surface so that your heat press comes into contact with the vinyl as needed.

teflon pillows


Teflon pillows comes in various sizes and prices start from around $10.

(Using a towel or wash cloth under the surface also works as a temporary fix but use teflon pillows that will last you in the long term and provide the best heat transfer to ensure the best bonding of your HTV.

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Siser Easyweed Application Guidelines

Siser Easyweed is the standard when it comes to using Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV).

Siser Easyweed has special guidelines for applying the various types of vinyl – save this guide for future reference for when you are pressing your T-shirts and other custom designs.

The guide offers information on how to cut the HTV as well as instructions on the types of materials that are suited for adhering the different types of vinyl.  Care instructions are included reminding you that you should not wash any garment for 24 hours and that you should use a mild detergent and hang dry or dry on a normal setting.  Most people also advise that you wash and tumble dry shirts inside-out.

The application guide covers:

  • Easyweed
  • Easyweed Extra
  • Easyweed Electric
  • Easyweed Stretch
  • Easyweed Foil
  • Easyweed Sub Block
  • Glitter
  • CADFlex
  • Holographic

Siser North America has an app for iPhone and iPad that covers Siser colors, application notes, care instructions and more!



Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV Application Guidelines
Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl Application Guidelines
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Applying Siser Easyweed HTV with an iron

Applying HTV with an ironOne of the most commonly asked questions is how can I apply HTV with an iron?

Not everyone has or wants a heat press.  For casual designers an iron will work BUT be prepared to apply a lot of pressure to get good lasting results!

Siser created the video below as a guide on how to apply heat transfer vinyl using an iron.

Look to protect your designs too whether you use an iron or a heat press – invest in some teflon sheets to cover your design as you press, especially when you are doing layered designs.

If you are interested in a faster and more professional result look into heat presses if you plan to sell or press any number of shirts.

Check out our guide on heat presses here!