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Christmas Pot Holders – Quick profitable items to sell for the Holidays

Christmas Pot Holders

If you are looking for an easy to make a very profitable quick selling item you can source these all through Dollar Tree (buy online with the links below!) and turn a $3 investment into a gift that is very popular every year!

Christmas pot holders make awesome gifts for teachers, crossing guards, family and friends, plenty of target audiences!

People love personalized gifts!

Christmas Pot Holders

Dollar Tree Pot Holders

Betty Crocker Spatula

Betty Crocker Brownie packs

Order by the box with free delivery to the store and you can save time by not having to go to your local stores to see if they even have stock!

Christmas Pot Holder Designs

If you need design ideas or creatives check out Creative Fabrica here who have a $7 bundle of pre-made designs – cut press and sell!!!

Christmas Pot Holder Designs

DesignBundles also has a range of Pot Holder Quotes and designs here!


This design pack comes with commercial licensing so you can sell items with these designs!


THESE SEASONAL HITS RUN OUT FAST – Dollar Tree cannot keep up stock of these items!


See here for more ideas on quick, cheap to make and PROFITABLE gifts!

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