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Siser EasyPSV (Pressure Sensitive Vinyl) coming in January 2018

Siser announced a new product line, Siser EasyPSV which stands for Pressure Sensitive Vinyl. This will be a direct competitor to Oracal 651/631 products. They will be offering both permanent (gloss for now) and removable (matte) vinyl options in colors, glitter, glow in the dark, etched glass and chalkboard varieties. Siser will also have their own transfer tape with a medium tack […]

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Oracal 751, dishwasher hardy, 8+ years outdoor use

Oracal 751 Adhesive Vinyl! For those creating custom tumblers, cutting boards, mugs and signs now’s the time to whip out that credit card and get you some Oracal 751.  Oracal 751 is a higher rated cast vinyl that is thinner and more pliable than our favorite Oracal 651. Oracal 751 uses the same adhesive as 651 so it is […]

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Rose Gold Vinyl

Rose Gold Vinyl Everything!

Everyone is looking out for Rose Gold vinyl! Here are some of the best deals we have found for Rose Gold, check out our friends at HappyCrafters: Rose Gold Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Rose Gold Foil Heat Transfer Vinyl Sign up for their Newsletter and coupons to get additional weekly savings! If you want to […]

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25% off Glitter Adhesive Vinyl Swing Design

DEAL ALERT – Glitter Adhesive Vinyl 25% off Glitter Vinyl – use code glittervinylrocks25 – code good until 6/26 Click for more information and colors!!

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