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Tee Square It – T-Shirt Alignment & Sizing

Tee Square It – the answer to the most common question – t-shirt alignment & sizing – how big should I make my design for a T-Shirt and where/how should I position the design?

Using the Tee Square It and these handy guides, you can accurately size and position your awesome designs!

t-shirt-alignment & sizingt-shirt-alignment & sizing

Tee Square It sizing and placement t-shirts onesies


LoveMyTSI Tee Square It I Alignment Tool for Heat Transfer Vinyl, Rhinestones, Sublimation, Transfers

Newest model: Tee Square It 3 has been replaced with Tee Square It I
Easily and effectively aligns heat transfer vinyl (HTV), Rhinestones, Sublimation, Iron On Transfers
Markings in centimeters and inches

Price: $45.00

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Here is how the Tee Square It works!

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