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Using a Heat Press on Onesies and items with raised stitching or surfaces

Troubleshooting HTV on Onesies. If you have ever heat pressed bags, Onesies or other items that have a raised, stitched seam or recessed area you have probably found that your vinyl may not have bonded properly and lifted or not peeled properly after pressing. The issue is that the heat press platen is not fully coming […]

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Best Budget Heat Press April 2017

What is the best budget heat press?  One of the most Googled questions in the crafting and vinyl communities. The best budget heat press depends on your wallet and heat pressing needs!  We breakdown a number of options to give you a heat press to meet both your needs and your budget! General buying advice […]

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Siser Easyweed Application Guidelines

Siser Easyweed is the standard when it comes to using Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). Siser Easyweed has special guidelines for applying the various types of vinyl – save this guide for future reference for when you are pressing your T-shirts and other custom designs. The guide offers information on how to cut the HTV as […]

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Heat Press 101 – How do I choose a heat press?

There are many presses to choose from, not only in different price brackets but different form factors.  Within the different types of heat press there are extra features to be aware of that may swing your decision to choose one press over another.  Heat presses can be used for both heat transfer vinyl or for […]

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Applying HTV with an iron

Applying Siser Easyweed HTV with an iron

One of the most commonly asked questions is how can I apply HTV with an iron? Not everyone has or wants a heat press.  For casual designers an iron will work BUT be prepared to apply a lot of pressure to get good lasting results! Siser created the video below as a guide on how […]

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