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Getting Cricut Design Space on your Chromebook

Cricut Design Space on Chromebook

Cricut Design Space on your Chromebook

As a budget computer, the Chromebook is a popular choice.  Unfortunately, until now it has not been possible to run Cricut Design Space on these machines as they are not compatible.  Cricut Design Space is designed for both Windows and Mac computers and there are companion apps on both iOS and Android platforms.  NOTE – these are the SUPPORTED and preferred platforms!

With the latest updates to ChromeOS, it is now possible to run Android applications on your Chromebook.  While this is not native support for ChromeOS it does allow those with Chromebooks to install the Cricut Design Space application and work on their designs.  The beauty of this solution is that depending on what Chromebook you have, you’ll be able to work on a larger screen and utilize a keyboard and mouse!

The downside of this solution is the reality that this is the Android version of Cricut Design Space and to date, this is not on feature parity with the Windows, Mac or iOS versions.

These are the steps to get Cricut Design Space working on your Chromebook, hope you find this useful!


Cricut Design Space via the Android app is made possible as Google has now enabled the ability to use Google Play Store and apps on your Chromebook.

As of now the following machines are updated and can use Google Play Store

You will need to ensure (if your machine is listed on the above site) that you have the latest ChromeOS updates installed – see here on how to check/upgrade


Once you have followed these steps you can go into the Google Play Store, search for the Cricut Design Space app and then install it.

Cricut Design Space Chromebook Android

Once installed swipe up, select the Cricut Design Space app and you’re ready to go.

Cricut Design Space Chromebook AndroidCricut Design Space Chromebook Android


Cricut Design Space Chromebook Android



This does not mean you should rush out and buy a Chromebook to use Design Space – this is not an ideal nor support solution.
This is not a supported solution so don’t call Cricut if you have issues!
Not all functionality has been tested!
We bear no responsibility for any issues arising from using this solution.
This is a workaround and solution for those who only have Chromebooks and want to use Cricut Design Space.
Logos used without permission remain copyright of original owners.

For advice on how to install additional fonts on your Chromebook / ChromeOS see the article here via

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Siser Heat Presses – as featured in Siser videos

Siser heat presses

Siser?Heat Presses

Siser?heat presses?? Everyone knows Siser for Easyweed and lately for EasyPSV (Pressure Sensitive Vinyl – new competitor/alternative to?Oracal?651/631) but not maybe so much for heat presses.? Siser?features these presses all the time on their Facebook videos and their Youtube channel (recommend you subscribe for hints, tips and product releases)

Siser has a video that covers their range of heat presses that come in 3 different sizes, 16×20, 15×15 and 11×15 as well as a hat press.? Prices start at $395.99 for the 11×15, $495.99 for the 15×15 and $595.99.? The Siser?hat press costs around $395.

Siser?heat presses are available both in our store via Amazon or via Swing Design here.

We recommend checking both sources to compare price and availability, Swing Design often has promo codes that may get you a better deal.

Check out Siser’s heat press video below for a run through of their clamshell and hat presses.

A Guide to Siser® Heat Presses

In this video Joe goes over everything you need to know about the Siser Red Heat Press, and our Siser Cap Press. From the settings to the power button. This video is your guide to our Siser heat presses. Please SHARE….YouTube Link:

Posted by Siser North America on Wednesday, September 5, 2018


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Cricut EasyPress 2 – Coming soon!

Cricut EasyPress 2

Cricut EasyPress 2Cricut EasyPress 2 was announced yesterday at Cricut’s Mountain-Maker-A-Thon 2018.? Cricut’s CEO, Ashish Arora,? announced the new presses, now in three sizes, to an eager crowd touting that the original EasyPress has been a success and had proven despite popular feedback online that pressure was not the key element to a great bond but consistent heat.

Building on the success of the original Cricut EasyPress, the new models now come?in 3 sizes to better suit different needs:

6″ x 7″ which will sell at $129.99

9″ x 9″ which will sell at $179.99

12″ x 10″ which will sell at $229.99

Cricut sees different use cases for the different sizes

Choose the right EasyPress 2 for the types of projects you love to make most. EasyPress 2 comes in three sizes: 6?x7?, think Onesies, baby bibs, cosmetic bags. Our original 9?x9?, think T-shirts and tote bags. And, 10?x12?, think BIG. Blankets, beach umbrellas, banners.

The new presses have been upgraded and can now reach 400 degrees, an answer to previous customer feedback.? The EasyPress 2 devices are faster to warm up too.? Ashish Arora stated during his presentation that while a regular heat press may take 7 minutes to reach the desired 315 degrees the EasyPress 2 would warm up in less that one minute (6″ x 7″), less than 2 minutes (9″ x 9″) and less than 3 minutes (12″ x 10″).? The warm-up?time is 25% faster than the original EasyPress.

Rather than the original coral color the new EasyPress will feature raspberry colored handles.

The EasyPress 2 release also included heat pressing mats – these are available now via Cricut here!

Coming in 2019, Cricut will also release EasyPress 2 carry bags – custom made for the new sizes presses and ideal for transporting your press to craft events, shows, etc.