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Siser Easyweed Adhesive

Siser Easyweed Adhesive

Check out Siser’s Easyweed Adhesive vinyl! Have you ever wondered how people make those foil designs on T-shirts?  Wonder no more! Simply create your design as normal and cut like you normally would for HTV – MIRROR and shiny side DOWN!   Weed your design – place on a dark surface as weeding this vinyl is […]

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Glow in the dark Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl

30% off Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl till 9/17

Halloween is right around the corner. Why not make your designs GLOW in anticipation? This week, you can do just that by saving 30% on Siser Glow in the Dark heat transfer vinyl. This sale will burn out soon though! Offer valid until 9/17 Use Code GLOW30 @ – click here to order now!!!

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Rose Gold Vinyl

Rose Gold Vinyl Everything!

Everyone is looking out for Rose Gold vinyl! Here are some of the best deals we have found for Rose Gold, check out our friends at HappyCrafters: Rose Gold Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Rose Gold Foil Heat Transfer Vinyl Sign up for their Newsletter and coupons to get additional weekly savings! If you want to […]

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Cricut Easy Press

Cricut Easy Press launches August 20th $149

Cricut has announced the Cricut Easy Press, to be launched on August 20th and later featured on HSN in October.  Essentially the Cricut Easy Press is a 9″x9″ heat plate with a large handle on top, complete with a tray for the hot press to sit in when not being used.  The main features of […]

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Buying the Best Clamshell Heat Press

The definition, the best clamshell heat press has different meanings depending on your needs and price.  Whether you are a hobbyist, home or small business you probably have different requirements and budget in mind. We aim here to cover best entry level clamshell heat press, some mid range as well as high end presses that are suitable […]

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shareprofit multi function heat press

Video run through for Shareprofit Multi Press

Here is a great video walkthrough on how to use and configure your Shareprofit heat press.  This is a great alternative to the very poorly written on non-existent manuals that come with these cheaper presses.  The Shareprofit press featured is the same basic press used by BestEquip, OrangeA, Zeny and Vevor.  The PDF version of […]

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25% off Glitter Adhesive Vinyl Swing Design

DEAL ALERT – Glitter Adhesive Vinyl 25% off Glitter Vinyl – use code glittervinylrocks25 – code good until 6/26 Click for more information and colors!!

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Siser Easyweed HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls

Bulk purchasing Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV – Siser Easyweed rolls

If you are looking to reduce the cost per foot for Siser Easyweed consider buying in bulk – purchase rolls vs sheets.  For the small crafter this may seem daunting but, considering how you may save over time, rolls are definitely a more cost effective option!  Rolls also allow you to be more flexible in […]

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BestEquip 6 in 1 15" x 15" Multi Heat Press

BestEquip 15″ x 15″ Multi function Heat Presses limited stock available!

The BestEquip heat presses are fantastic value starter presses which offer interchangeable options for making T-shirts, hats, plates and mugs.  Unlike most multi function heat presses the BestEquip presses offer a 15″ x 15″ full size heat plate – most multi presses max out at 15″ x 12″ which leave you short when pressing larger items. The […]

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Come visit us on Facebook, our store is now live!

Come and say Hi, ask a question or need a recommendation?  We’re here on Facebook!! Like our page and share with your fellow crafters!! See you there! Visit our store!  

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